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Do Rheumatology Coniditons Affect the Feet?

The feet are just like every other part of our body and can be afflicted with any one of the many different types of arthritis. Rheumatology is the medical speciality which manages those various arthritis ailments. In regards to the feet there are several podiatrists who've a specialised interest in rheumatology or the arthritis conditions that impact the foot. One of these specialists is Professor Debbie Turner, PhD who is the Director of Academic Program for Podiatric Medicine at the Western Sydney University. Debbie was not too long ago a guest on the Facebook livestream, PodChatLive to go over podiatry and rheumatology. PodChatLive is the weekly live show that has on a number of different experts to go over a number of issues of significance to podiatry and the foot. In the episode with Debbie Turner she offered the audience a flavor with precisely what the role of a Podiatrist inside a specialist Rheumatology program really should be structured. Debbie reviewed the disorders typically seen in the feet in rheumatology services and her way of the examination and handling of these types of conidtions. Debbie also gave some great information for podiatrists who don’t work within Rheumatology, but may very well be losing conditions due to their ability to mimic as musculoskeletal problems.

Debbie Turner first qualified as a podiatrist in 1996 and has always practiced clinically as well as developed a specialist range of clinical practice within the aspects of gait evaluation and imaging. Debbie was awarded an Arthritis Research UK academic fellowship in 2007 and then commenced training in musculoskeletal ultrasound and also injection therapy of the foot. The effective use of an integrated imaging and alignment approach to managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus and inflamation related joint disease continues to be the target of her investigation activity. Debbie has published substantially in the field of rheumatology and has assisted to improve capacity in podiatry investigation via Doctor of Philosophy oversight.