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Decorating Your Home With Rattan Baskets

The rattan basket is one of the most popular products for many people and is used in their homes. This multitasker is not only a practical storage option but also decorative and instantly adds texture and warmth to any room.

Handled, woven, striped, colored, lidded – there are so many options when it comes to choosing a rattan basket that you're sure to find something to suit your needs and decor style. You can also choose handmade rattan storage baskets to assemble things.

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Here are different ideas for decorating your room with rattan baskets.

1. Collections: When a collection of baskets is grouped together, they can generate so much visual interest.

2. Kitchen: Baskets work well in the kitchen, regardless of whether the basket contains fruit, plates, cutlery, or tea towels.

3. Bookshelves: People use the repeating basket at the bottom of the library to add weight and anchor the piece to the floor. They also look great in combination with other decorations on the shelf.

4. Buffet: Baskets can be used both inside and outside during a buffet to store plates, utensils, napkins, or even groceries!

5. Magazines/books: Keep your favorite books within arm’s reach by storing them in large baskets.  Tucked away under a console table or sitting by the side of a sofa – either way is beautiful!

6. Flowers: Baskets are a great way to display flowers, fresh or dried!

7. Plants: When used with feed or inner pots, the baskets can become containers for houseplants to enhance their natural appearance.

8. Laundry: Baskets are used for sorting clothes or storing important items in the laundry room and are great for organizing things.

Whether they optically fill empty space in a room or act as part of the decor, baskets make a great accent!