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Lopare Online


Librarianship in Lopare dates back to 1936, when the first library was established with a scarce stock of books, but sufficient to make it an archaic enlightenment for the population of the area.

The present National Library, named after the greatest Serbian poetess Desanka Maksimovic, was administratively established in 1955, with only 375 books, but also with a number of readers that exceeded the book stock – as many as 501 readers were enrolled. The somewhat more organized work of the library began in 1958, when the library stock had 728 copies in the cinema building, and in 1958 it was adopted as the official year of organized librarianship in Lopare.

According to the earlier organization of cultural institutions and activities, the library was part of the National University, where it could not, due to the heterogeneity of its activities, gain its true importance.

Since 1992, more favorable waters have been flowing for librarianship. The National Library “Desanka Maksimovic” now exists as an independent institution. It is one of the underdeveloped libraries because it has a small book stock, only 16,500 library units and insufficient inventory, which is a particular drawback nowadays – without computer equipment and therefore not able to be connected to one information center.

Still, the users of its services are not dissatisfied. This small book stock is diverse, for all categories of readers, from elementary to senior citizens. The library keeps track of developments in the publishing industry, in our country and in the world, and generally manages to acquire some of what is significant.

She is constantly developing an interest in the book: organizing promotions, exhibitions, meetings with writers, as one cultural institution in this municipality – and evenings with famous actors from Belgrade and Banja Luka. It is also involved in the Action Against Drugs and a number of other actions relevant to the area.

Recently, this institution operates in the premises of the Secondary School Center in Lopare. It is here temporarily, until the construction of a new cultural home, whose construction began in the fall of 2002.