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Choosing the Right Paper For Your Print Job

Choosing the right paper for a printing job is a very complicated undertaking. You have overwhelming options. 

To be specific is to consider a lot of aspects. First, the surface of the paper because it changes its look, feel, and printability. In the main there 2 types of paper used in Litho printing:

  1.  Uncoated
  2. Coated

Both of these types of paper can come in various sheet sizes, colors and different grammages depending on the brand name and which mill or merchant you are dealing with. A reputable printer will have relationships with most if not all the major paper merchants. You can also find the best uncoated paper stock via

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Both paper types have subtypes that refer to processes involved in producing the paper and as a general rule of thumb, the more complicated the process, the better the paper, and typically the more expensive it is.

The details we list here are by no means exhaustive but are designed to give you a clearer picture of the paper types available for your use.

Uncoated subtypes

Calendered or Super Calendered – A method of using rollers during papermaking, to impart a finish or smoothness. It reduces the thickness and increases the density. 

Uncoated paper is what you would normally find in your office copier or printer. Better grades of uncoated paper are used for your company letterheads and compliments slips.

Coated subtypes Papers which has got a coating on individual or both sides. Paper may be single, dual, or triple coated. The more layers of covering, the better quality. The finish may be gloss, silk, or matte.

These papers are typically more used for Flyers, Catalogs, Brochures, and Magazines.

The uncoated ordinary calendered paper absorbs ink. This means that the printed image sits within the paper so to achieve a good printed image the printer will need to use a greater amount of ink than in comparison to a coated sheet to achieve the same quality of the image.