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An Expert’s Guide To Beach Picnic Set-Up

The beach is a popular destination for many people. It has a relaxing quality that many people enjoy. However, there are some aspects of the beach that can take time to perfect. One of these difficult tasks is getting the picnic area set up properly to suit everyone's needs at the gathering!

How to Set Up a Beach Picnic

Setting up a picnic party at the beach can be fun, easy, and even provide a little bit of entertainment for the whole family. Here are some tips from an expert on how to plan a beach picnic  and make the process as smooth as possible.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you even think about packing your picnic lunch, make sure to plan out your layout and placement. Decide where you want to set up your food and drinks, and then decide where you would like to sit. Consider using a map or satellite image to help you with this part. Once you have your layout figured out, start packing!

2. Pack the Right Supplies

Pack sturdy containers for your food and drinks, as well as plenty of napkins, utensils, and plates. Be sure to pack insect repellent if you will be spending time outdoors in the sun. And last but not least, don't forget the sunscreen!

3. Set Up Your Picnic Tables

Once you have all of your supplies laid out, it's time to set up your tables! Use sandbags or towels to weigh down the edges of the tables so that they don't move during the wind or waves. Then place your plates,



There are people having the desire to explore and see a desert in one’s time, and few individuals have them enlisted on their travel itinerary. Exploring the desert is one of the adventurous and most exciting traits, and everyone should experience it at least once. One of the main trigger points to an individual’s experience is a desert safari in Dubai, although exploring a desert itself is considered one of the most daring activities.

If you are heading out for the Dubai desert safari, then you are most likely to be experiencing the most thrilling and electrifying entertainment during the trip, as it is listed as one of the adventurous activities of a lifetime.

Desert Safari Dubai

Amazing Attractions of Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai desert safari is nothing less than an exciting, fantastic, and adventurous way to indulge and experience the local culture. It is also a rare opportunity to check out the Arabian Desert; therefore, people from all around the globe will arrive to get a glimpse of the desert and the amazing Bedouin life. Therefore, Dubai has become a globally-reckoned tourist hub.

Dubai desert safari is all about the electrifying safari rides along with checking out the amazing beauty of the Arabian Desert that can always mesmerize the tourists to return back often. Specifically, the tourists who love adventures and thrills will have even most exciting experiences of the desert safari than what they had in Dubai.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is the most spine-chilling activity on the safari trip to Dubai. It is considered one of the safest rides that anyone prefers doing while on this trip. Riding the heavy quad bikes on the desert sand is considered one of the thrilling and exciting experiences. It can be done and is preferred in the morning desert safari as this is one of the highly acclaimed fun-filled activities.

Sand-Boarding& Dune Bashing

The other well-known and highly entertained activity in the desert safari is dune bashing. The tourists will easily love it, and it is the most exciting activity to try out as it feels extremely satisfying. Dunes will be a thrilling part of this activity bashing. The sand-boarding is yet another fun-filled activity as here you will have to balance yourself on the sandy slipper land. You will surely pick up the talent of skateboarding after trying out the sandboarding activity.

Camel Rides & Falcon Demonstration

You can try out the camel ride or the camel safari in the morning and evening desert safari here in Dubai. You can head out for the camel ride, which lasts for 45 minutes. You can also explore the wildlife of the desert by camel ride. The yet another attraction of a desert safari is the Falcon demonstration, where tourists will be able to walk around by taking and clicking the photographs with these beautiful birds.

BBQ Arabian Buffet

One of the most lip-smacking and tastiest tastes is Arabian cuisine, as it is rich in different flavors. There are massive buffets with a variety of exotic Arabian dishes that get served during this safari. A few of the Arabian dishes include hummus, swarms, traditional dishes, and kebabs, along with an array of the most exciting Lebanese dishes. The buffet also includes unlimited soft drinks and beverages.

Belly Dance Performance

The Belly dancing performances will be yet another unforgettable attraction here in this desert safari; the performance here will be even more excited with the Arabian music that is accompanied at dinner time, creating a typical vibe of the Arabian night to the tourists.

Desert Safari Dubai
Desert Safari Dubai

Henna Painting

Yet another amazing activity in the desert safari in Dubai is henna painting. It has been the most popular tradition for several hundreds of years in the Middle East. Henna painting is known as tattooing the skin with dying nails. Tattooing comprises the floral patterns as it is a must-try experience when you are out for a desert safari.

What Is The Most Preferred Time For Desert Safari?

There are about two options for the desert safari in Dubai – evening and morning packages. The tourists mainly select one package on the basis of the requirements. Therefore, interestingly there are two packages that are exciting irrespective of the time of the day as the desert charm and glory will be the same without any entertainment.

Every package for a desert safari in Dubai is filled with entertaining and exciting activities. The morning safari is exciting due to the daylight, and tourists can surely observe the beauty of the sand that stretches sand waves and the glowing beauty of the desert. The evening desert safari is extremely prominent for the cool breeze waves and the beauty of the sunset.

3 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

When it comes to designing your wedding, there’s really no “one size fits all” approach. In fact, we think some of the best weddings are the ones packed with personality, creativity, and authentic details that tell a story about the couple.

These days, platforms like Pinterest have made it super easy to source and replicate inspiration. You can even complete your wedding arrangements hassle-free on time by booking a new house country hotel in advance. 

Include Meaningful Details

Amongst all of the decor and pretty flowers, it’s the meaningful details that will make your wedding day feel that little bit extra special. Take a moment to think about any significant items that hold a special memory to you, and consider how you might be able to incorporate these into your celebration. You can also draw inspiration from your shared hobbies and passions, too. 

Customize Your Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony will be one of the most memorable moments of the day, so it should feel totally authentic to you and your partner. As long as you sign the right paperwork, you have completely free rein to personalize your ceremony however you like!

Enjoy a pre-ceremony cocktail, choose meaningful music, walk down the aisle with your partner, ask your celebrant to share the story of how you met, or inject some humor into your wedding vows. There’s no reason why your ceremony can’t feel just as fun as your reception! 

Serve Signature Drinks

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a signature drink? Serve up a cocktail that has a special meaning to you both, or work with your bartenders to design your own custom concoction. You can also give your signature drink a witty name, serve “his and hers” cocktails, or create a fun sign that explains the meaning behind the beverage.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Airport Transport

You need to choose the right mode of transport for your journey. This will allow you to travel easily from one place to the next. You should also consider convenience when searching for the best transportation option. 

A company should be able to provide a vehicle at your disposal whenever you need it. You should be able to contact the company 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns.

You have many options to hire a taxi to get you to your destination. You can even find a convenient taxi from Nottingham to Birmingham airport and you need to choose one that meets your needs. 

You want to travel safe and sound so make sure that the cab you choose is clean. You should inform your cab driver about the area you're staying in so they can easily get you there and pick up you.

You can find a company that offers airport limousine services if you want to travel in luxury. You should be able to choose from a variety of vehicles so you are able to pick the one that is most comfortable for you. 

Also, consider the cost of renting the vehicle and select the one that is most affordable to you. Referring to others who have used these services can help you find the best mode of transportation.


Airport Limo Services – Things to Think about When Hiring One

The airport limousine providers provide you with an enormous feel-good factor whilst traveling and arriving in destinations, like a company match. The limousine services succeed in offering the ultimate physical and mental conveniences to passengers. 

The chauffeur-driven providers allow you to unwind and focus on the task at hand, without worrying about the mundane problems like changing luggage cautiously checking into a reputed resort, and making sure you make it to your flight.

Image Source: Google

Arriving at airports following a long and tiresome trip, the last thing you want would be to stand in queues to hire a cab. On the comparison, hiring airport limousine services beforehand signifies that the chauffeur is waiting for you in the airport to be careful about altering the bags before immediately leading one to the destination.

Together with limousines effective at carrying 6-24 persons professionally, larger families or entourages coming for business matches can travel together in the cozy comforts of their limousines, with a great deal of leg space.

The well-trained chauffeur makes certain that the passengers are pushed around with a maximum level of relaxation and enjoyment. The chauffeurs look after the requirements of the prestigious passengers in a way befitting the royalty. 

So even if the total cost of this airport limousine services could be marginally greater than the other taxi services, the skilled and quality services extended offsets the cost disparity. So to impress and to enjoy luxurious conveniences limo services are unmatched. 

However to make certain the finest of those airport services are reserved, an individual may quiz the support supplier concerning the numerous services provided to the customers and amenities for reserving 24/7 online.

How to Find A Snorkel Mask that Fits Your Face

Snorkeling is a cheap pastime that plenty of sea-loving people do yearly at tourist destinations like Thailand. Even so, there are some things that you should be aware of so that you can have a great time snorkeling. First and foremost, you should find out the snorkeling gear you should get so that you can have a good session in the water. People who have not snorkeled before can occasionally have a miserable attempt snorkeling since water keeps entering their masks or they accidentally inhale salt water. It is important that you get a snorkel mask that fits you, and you can read this guide to learn more.

When you have never snorkeled before and can't figure out what to do, then we highly advocate hire a travel guide for your first trip. Using a travel guide is a safe bet because a tour guide can enlighten you the advice you should know so that you can stay out of danger. And if you are experiencing an emergency while snorkeling, you will be assisted by fellow tourists. Unfortunately, tours are costlier than traveling by yourself or with your buddies. In the event you do not have friends that can guide you on how to snorkel, then hiring a travel company is a safe bet.

Next, you should be skilled enough to swim at a mid-range level. The most vital thing to keep in mind is how to stay above water by yourself. There exists many PFDs one can rely on including wetsuits to keep you afloat when you need help. Even if you are excellent at swimming, you still need to consider utilizing a snorkel vest. Sometimes it is hard to see when the currents are beginning to pick up. Fast currents can pull you away and can lead to death if you aren't great at swimming. A surprisingly high number of people who stay in shallow waters to get pulled out to deep waters by fast currents. Therefore, use a life vest so that you'll have a back-up plan, and you don't have to be as cautious about the waves. For more tips on how to select a snorkel mask that fits comfortably on your face, check out

Construct Relationship With God At Christian Retreat

Embarking on a religious christian retreat is a relaxing and invigorating journey. Spiritual retreats call for a whole lot of mental strength. You will be operating your thoughts more challenging than normal to become more concentrated on God.

This is a great thing. Open your heart to listen to his words. It is a blessing to hear from God and receive his or her innocence. Catholic Retreats  will permit you to acknowledge your sins to a priest. 

christian retreat

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Other christian retreats will direct you on a trip toward reconciliation and comprehending God's design for life. Read your bible and also reflect on his sentence. Perhaps you've got any sin in your life which you want to ask Jesus for forgiveness. 

You can accomplish this independently and aloud, gently in mind or confer with a different Christian brother or sister that you can trust. Christian retreats are intended to assist you proceed past the difficult times and be at peace with yourself and God.

It is possible to use the calmness of this retreat that aids you to do meditation and self-reflection exercises. You might have never done this before and it might appear odd at first, however, the energy of God's word speaks loudly when we are silent and seeking his guidance. After all, the main use of the retreat is to rid of the joys of life and it assists you to reestablish your relationship with God.

Dos Ojos – The best cave diving in the world

Welcome to Dos Ojos (two eyes at spanish), the largest cavern in the entire peninsula of Yucatan, just 15 minutes from Tulum. It is a great dive site with just two amazing caverns and can also be the ideal location to get a great holiday trip.

The eyes of Dos Ojos are situated roughly 300ft / 100 meters apart from each other but are attached to one another. The smallest of these is the entry for the two dives, another larger one is better accommodated for snorkelling. To know more about dos ojos cenote diving you can visit .

dos ojos cenote diving,

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The very first line you are going to research is your "Barbie lineup". Straight off after moving down, you will be entering a massive room with a fairly good number of amazing columns formed while these caves were sterile. 

A few of those columns reach a height of about 8 meters / 27 ft. Stalactites generally grow about an inch every 100 decades and stalagmites grow about an inch every 100 years… it provides you a small idea of just how old those items are…

Between those gorgeous rooms, you will find large tunnels, open locations and caverns in which you might just hold and observe the gorgeous scenery surrounding you. It is wonderful.

Things to do in Krabi


Thailand is so much more than just Bangkok and Pattaya. All over the country, there are gems that every traveler must admire and explore. Krabi is one such place. Here are a few things to do and see in Krabi that will make you love Thailand even more. 

Railay Beach – Located between Ao Nang and Krabi, this stunning peninsula is hidden away from the world, owing to the limestone cliffs that make it inaccessible from land. You have to take a boat here to enjoy the almost empty and untouched beaches Rock climbers also come here to enjoy the cliffs. 

KoLanta – Forge carbon-emitting hotels, and enjoy a great stay in bamboo huts at KoLanta. The place feels like a journey back in time. The island is also home to the Mu KoLanta National Park. Be sure to visit this place and check out the amazing wildlife that is hosted here. 

Tiger Cave Temple – It is quite a walk up a long flight to stairs to get to this temple, but it is all worth it. In the temple, you will find huge Buddha statues. People offer their respect and prayers to the statue and the tiger paw prints. Yes, the temple has paw prints and hence the name. 

KoPoda – Take a boat to the KoPoda Island and enjoy the peace and calm like never before. Silky white sand, clams turquoise waters and a cooling sea breeze await you here. 

So, don’t wait. Book your place in a Krabi hostel, and come and check out these awesome places in the Krabi region of Thailand. 

Spend Some Time In Vienna Visiting Attractions

The Austrian city of Vienna is famous for its art and music scene. The entire city can be compared to an open-air museum. It is undoubtedly a paradise for art lovers. 

There are various sightseeing in Vienna Austria like statues and objects everywhere and offer the perfect European feel. The city is part of different eras and is believed to have been in existence since time immemorial.

Image Source: Google

The city has an international airport serving flights to Vienna from the United States and Canada. US Airways and Air Canada non-stop flights to the city. 

However, there are no northern England direct flights, Africa and parts of Asia. But there are good connections available in other European countries. There were even some airline flights cheap operating from airports in Germany.

The city offers many sightseeing opportunities. Guided walking tours are popular to see different parts of the city, making it a place of choice for budget tourists. The city is famous for the music scene, having hosted some famous composers like Mozart. 

There are a number of classical music performances between May and December. Some shows are cheap during the tourist season in full swing tickets, where most opera houses run complete shows from home and there are many shows to pick and choose. 

Of course, this is the ideal time to visit the National Opera of the city to catch a lyric show in motion. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is world famous, and he travels the world to showcase his magical talent.