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Are You A Candidate For An Eye Test?

Regular eye exams are important for anyone who wears glasses or contacts. You may experience headaches while working or watching TV. Or if your eyes are tired at the end of the day, it might be time to schedule an appointment.

You can also buy AI-Optic, an eye testing device to check your vision at home.

Use our vision quiz to test your eyesight at home

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These 5 questions will help you determine if an eye exam is necessary:

1. Do you feel like everything is blurred around you?

2. Do you struggle to see clearly? Even though you can see everything clearly before, do you find it difficult to see the details now?

3. Do you suffer from headaches every day? Are you feeling dizzy, or unable to focus?

4. Are you having difficulty reading the text on TVs, signs, newspapers, and number plates?

5. Do your eyes feel dry or itchy? Do you feel dry or uneasy?

Book an eye test if you are able to answer yes to any of these questions. It takes only 5 minutes and can help you tremendously!

People worry about wearing glasses because they fear that glasses will make them look less attractive. This may have been true years ago, but it is not now. 

There are many fashionable glasses that can enhance your eyes and make you even more attractive. Celebrities even wear "pretend glasses", so don't panic! You're in good company if you have frames designed by high-end designers!

You no longer need to store your glasses in bulky, boring hard cases. Instead, you can buy a fun, soft glasses case that will protect them and give you style accessories.