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An Overview of Motorized Pool Covers

Maintaining a pool can be complicated enough as it is without hardware issues like these, but unfortunately, there is not much that can be done besides repairing and replacing parts as they begin to break or fail.

Knowing the smart way to do this can ensure that you are spending the least amount of time and money as possible to keep your pool system functioning properly.

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Pool pumps are tuned machines that help to keep your pool's water clean and balanced. They have two distinct sides: the back end, which contains the motor, and the wet end, which pulls water from your pool to help circulate the water.

If either side is not functioning optimally, it can cause the entire pump to fail. The problem is that pool pumps these days are much more prone to failure than they were in previous years. Because it is a cheaper option, the majority of companies that produce pool pump motors have moved their manufacturing operations overseas.

The unfortunate result of this is that the majorities of these components on the market now contain much less copper and have an overall inferior quality when compared to when operations remained within the country.

Though it can be extremely frustrating for these appliances to break, the good news is that a good pool services company will be able to replace almost any brand of pump. If your pool pump motor seems to be struggling or is just not working, call a professional pool maintenance company out to help solve your problem and get you back to swimming.