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All About Wine & Spirit Education Trust

Whether you are a wine lover or want to make wine your career, WSET offers a wide range of qualifications for every type of student. In addition, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust covers 12 different languages and is available in several countries. So what exactly does this institution have to offer?

Wine qualification

To view all wine certifications, including WSET, CMS, and NWS ratings, you can visit our sommelier certification. The various level of WSET diploma are following:

WSET diploma

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Award for level 1 for wine

This training is ideal for anyone just starting out with wine. This course focuses on introducing different types of wine by studying the deductive tasting method. Other topics include typical grape varieties and their characteristics, staple foods, wine pairing concepts, and accurate descriptions of wines.

Award for Level 2 for wine

The L2 certificate builds on the knowledge gained at L1 and introduces in-depth topics. Students study the different types of wine and how the environment, winemaking, and aging affect these wines. In addition, sparkling wines, liquor wines, and large wine regions are served. 

Level 3 awards for wine

Level 3 is considered a professional qualification, especially for building a wine career. This course provides in-depth research on viticulture, fermentation, aging and distribution of wine. Sparklings, liqueurs and still wines from around the world are also served. The tasting section of the course is also in-depth: students must evaluate and describe wines at a professional level.