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All About a Tourist Visa of New Zealand

The most common reason people visit New Zealand on a tourist visa is to seek medical care, visiting friends and family, or attending a brief business meeting or seminar. Tourist visas granted by certain rules under the New Zealand  Citizenship and Immigration Services and regulations. Tourist visas are categorized as a qanon-immigrant visa and are issued only for a short period ranging from 3 months to 10 years if it is a multiple-entry visa. You can check out the New Zealand electronic Travel Authority to get more information about the visa.

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But even with a multiple-entry visa 10 years you could only stay for 6 months at one visit. However, you can come and go as many times as you need provided the visa is valid. If you want to stay longer because of extended medical care is required or to continue visiting and touring the country, the extension of 6 months can be awarded. Keep in mind that the extension granted by Citizenship and Immigration Service decision. 

If you are thinking about staying in New Zealand on a tourist visa and a job search, it is against the law. For any legal work authorization, you need to apply for non-immigrant work visa, which is a separate entity.