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About Air Duct Cleaning

Ducts are a part of the heating and cooling system that ventilate the inside of homes and buildings. They usually crawl throughout the walls of your home, but can also be attached to a central unit or ductwork. 

An air duct is a pipe that transfers air from one area of a building to another. Air ducts are usually in the ceilings, walls, and floors of a building. The air ducts carry air to and from the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

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Why Do You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Your home’s air ducts are essential for the proper function of your heating and cooling system. In fact, a dirty air duct can lead to decreased efficiency in your system, as well as increased energy costs. 

Here are some main reasons why you need to clean your air ducts:

1. Increased Efficiency: A dirty air duct can decrease the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by trapping dirt, dust, and other allergens. This can cause your home to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, which ultimately leads to higher energy costs. 

2. Increased Energy Costs: Dirty air ducts also contribute to increased energy costs by absorbing moisture and pollutants from the indoor environment. This can lead to corrosion and damage in your heating and cooling systems, as well as significant decreases in system performance.