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A Glass Fusing Kiln – Types of Kilns and Buying Guidelines

There are different types of ovens to facilitate any task you may have. A glass melting furnace is very important if you are a goldsmith. It helps you to combine several pieces of glass and makes your work easier. Microwave glass kilns is available in different sizes and shapes. You can freely choose from small ovens, medium ovens, and large ovens.

• Small Glass Kilns – This type of oven is cheap due to its small size. It is very practical for a free time jeweler. The Paragon SC2 is a good example of a small glass oven.

• Medium glass furnaces – This type of furnace allows you to do both melting and furnace in the furnace. Its room is large in size and you only need to connect it to electricity.

• Large glass kilns – this type is intended for the manufacture of large pieces of glass. It requires a sufficient supply of electricity and large storage space. You should buy this furnace if you are melting glass on a large scale.

You are probably looking for the most useful glass melting furnace on the market. Make sure to do thorough research to find out which model you want. The following tips and ideas will guide you through the shopping exercise:

• Oven rack – This is not mandatory but you can easily achieve good results if your oven has it. The rack is essential as it allows air to circulate freely. You should place your glass items on the rack and poles for best results.

• Digital Controls – Many melting furnaces that you can find have digital control knobs. Anyone can use these controls. You should rotate the knobs while noticing the effects on your glass. This is an interesting feature especially if your oven has a window and pyrometer.

• Guarantee – You should never accept payment for an oven without a guarantee. As mentioned earlier, ovens are expensive equipment. You don't want to buy a tool and start repairing it yourself.

• Accessories – A good glass melting furnace will work best with additional accessories. You do not have to purchase these additional items. However, when you buy it, you will be more pleased with the high performance of your oven.