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A Basic Detailing Guide To Air Compressors in Australia

In Australia, the most commonly used, but least understood tool in mainstream usage is the air compressor. There are many styles of air compressors that can be used for different purposes. Knowing which compressors will work best in your particular situation can help you save money, increase productivity, and ensure safety.

There are two main types of high-quality commercial air compressors: continuous-run models and rotary screw models. Although centrifugal compressors are available, they are rarely used in large industrial applications such as those that involve mass power generation. 

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Continuous-Run Compressors

Continuous-running compressors are also known as compact compressors. They supply compressed air to the compressor as needed through the continuous operation. These compressors work by shrinking air hoses and using forced air to increase the pressure before it emerges. These compressors are used to inflate air mattresses, tires, and other small items that require minimal inflation.

Rotary Screw Compressors

In Australia, most rotary screw compressors can be found in large-scale industrial applications such as manufacturing or assembly plants. These compressors can be found in either single- or dual-stage versions, which allows for higher pressure outputs than other types.

Air compressors have many unique considerations. Depending on the application, these considerations may need to address. It is much easier to understand the types of compressors and to effectively address them.